I love working with DNA and deciphering the clues to ancestors. I find it much like fitting puzzle pieces together. I enjoy helping my relatives and friends learn the skill set of how to 'read' the DNA clues and integrate those clues with the classic genealogical research into documents that support the mental picture we create of the families that preceded us.

I began as a hobbyist at the age of twelve and learned a lot along the way. History is much more interesting to me now that it relates to my relatives (regardless of how distant).

This is a work in progress so please share corrections or additional information. I transferred my years of research from a program with less sourcing abilities so I've been working on updating the 29,655 individuals in my database. If you'd like to know more about the sources on the data you see here, please email me as alot of it is still being entered from my hardcopy files.

The site was designed to only include information on my relatives (however distant) that are known to be deceased to protect the privacy of the living.

Please email me regarding the Genetic Network Charts for particular family lines as they include any relative known to have a DNA test; please email me to add your line and I'm happy to share the chart for the surname line we may share.