Lester Earl "Pete" Walker

M, b. 17 February 1917, d. 25 April 1999
  • PARENTS*: He was the child of Mary Melissa Jarvis & Earl Joseph Walker.
  • Occupation*: He was Owner of a Sales & Service Company.
  • Milit-Beg*: He began military service on 21 September 1943 at Oregon.


Frances Mae Matthews b. 11 Nov 1920, d. 9 Jan 2014

Kelvin Greenstreet

M, b. 4 December 1909, d. 3 August 1998
  • Note*: He first wife, Genevieve, deceased by 1988.
  • Obituary*: An obituary appeared in the Kelvin Greenstreet
    A private memory will be held for Kelvin Greenstreet, who died Aug. 3, 1998, at age 88.
    Mr. Greenstreet was born Dec. 4, 1909, in Seattle. He attended the University of Washington. He was chief appraiser for the Western United States for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for 18 years before his retirement in 1975. After his retirement, he spent a year helping develop a national highway system in Thailand for the U.S. State Department. He lived in Seattle before moving to Portland in 1984, and was a past president of the Washington state chapter of the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers.
    Survivors include his daughters, Jo Wilson Greenstreet of Lake Oswego and Sally Knight of Wheaton, Ill; five grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.
    Disposition was by cremation. Arrangements are by Killingsworth Little Chapel of the Chimes.
    Oregonian, The (Portland, OR)
    Date: August 7, 1998
    Edition: SUNRISE
    Page: D10 on Friday, 7 August 1998 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.


Frances Mae Matthews b. 11 Nov 1920, d. 9 Jan 2014

Jeannetta Thelma "Jean" Sloan

F, b. 20 May 1911, d. 22 April 2000
  • PARENTS*: She was the child of lived in Eugene; Blanche E Mulkey Sloan b 1885 Oregon.
  • Residence*: She lived.
  • Occupation*: She was School Teacher.
  • Married Name: As of 30 May 1931,her married name was Mathews.
  • (Witness) Census: She appeared on the census of 7 May 1940 in the household of Loyal Warren "Warren" Mathews at Belleview, Jackson County, Oregon.
  • (Witness) Census: Jeannetta Thelma "Jean" Sloan appeared on the census of 12 April 1950 in the household of Loyal Warren "Warren" Mathews at Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.
  • (Surviving Spouse) Obituary: Jeannetta Thelma "Jean" Sloan survived her husband (Loyal Warren "Warren" Mathews) and was listed in his obituary as residing in (obituary dated on 28 August 1982.)
  • Obituary*: An obituary appeared in the on Monday, 24 April 2000 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.


Loyal Warren "Warren" Mathews b. 23 Dec 1906, d. 25 Aug 1982


Linda Jean Mathews+ b. 13 Aug 1934, d. 7 Mar 2015

Jeffrey Norman Atterbury

M, b. 14 October 1948, d. 30 October 1948


Father*: Norman Lowell Atterbury b. 29 Mar 1922, d. 29 Jul 1958

John Edward Skinner

M, b. 29 September 1938, d. 2015
  • Occupation*: He was school teacher.
  • Note*: He 5 children from his first marriage
    Cynthia Jo b. 8 Apr 1960 Fort Wayne
    Sallijean b. 27 Mar 1961 Fort Wayne
    Michael John b 11 May 1962 Fort Wayne
    Thomas James b 9 Sep 1966 VanWert Ohio
    Opal Anne "Anne" b 19 Dec 1970 Fort Wayne.
  • Atterbury Reunion*: He attended the Atterbury Family Picnic/Reunionon on 19 August 2007in Canyonville, Douglas County, Oregon.


Nancie Jeannette Sutton

F, b. 14 January 1932, d. 2 September 2002
  • PARENTS*: She was the child of Winifred & Dan Dively (polygamist with 8 wives, irishman, prominent boxer); Phil Sutton (step-father); raised by great aunt Winifred Egan (spinster) - Aunt Winnie's mother's maiden name was Gildersleeve

    Thomas Selby Egan & Harriet Gildersleeve of London moved to BC about 1908; They had 3 dau: Katie, Connie & Winifred.
  • Note*: She and Clinton Dewey Atterbury Clinton met Nancy when he was taking voice lessons from her mother, Winifred Sutton.


Clinton Dewey Atterbury b. 29 Oct 1927, d. 4 Jul 2019

John Fitzhugh Culver

M, b. 30 June 1869, d. 1 August 1932


Lucy Emeline "Dolly" Atterbury b. 6 Aug 1876, d. 14 Feb 1930

Lena W. Thornton

F, b. 1 January 1883, d. 21 April 1975
  • Note*: She History of Clarksdale-Sherman Area Township.
  • Note: She Raised an Indian child (per Uncle Keith.)
  • Note*: She and Lucy Emeline "Dolly" Atterbury Misses Dollie Atterbury and Lena Thornton killed a fine deer near Whistler's Bend Friday. They had gone fishing, taking a shot gun along. The deer came down to the river when one of them fired, wounding it. They continued the attack, firing nine shots in all before securing their game. Needless to say, they are quite proud of their achievement. Douglas county girls are in the front rank in any line of endeavor.
    (undated clipping in Atterbury photo album.)
  • Married Name: As of 29 July 1902,her married name was Atterbury.
  • (Witness) PHOTO: Lena W. Thornton witnessed the of Eugene Morris "John" Atterbury.
  • Occupation*: Lena W. Thornton was was a census enumerator in 1920.


Father*: Samuel Isaac Thornton b. 21 Mar 1855, d. 12 Oct 1935
Mother*: Mary Virginia "Jennie" Singleton b. 16 Aug 1859, d. 6 May 1947


Eugene Morris "John" Atterbury b. 3 Feb 1878, d. 29 Jun 1963


Ivan Morris Atterbury b. 25 Nov 1903, d. 11 Jul 1930
Carmen Atterbury b. 8 Sep 1905, d. 3 Feb 1999
Edwin Earl Atterbury b. 11 Mar 1907, d. 19 Aug 1909
Harlan Eugene Atterbury+ b. 28 Oct 1911, d. 20 Mar 1991
Samuel Chestine Atterbury b. 8 Sep 1922, d. 19 Jan 1923

Ivan Morris Atterbury

M, b. 25 November 1903, d. 11 July 1930


Father*: Eugene Morris "John" Atterbury b. 3 Feb 1878, d. 29 Jun 1963
Mother*: Lena W. Thornton b. 1 Jan 1883, d. 21 Apr 1975